Bambeco Homepage

Homepage and user interface design for, a sustainable home goods e-commerce store. The homepage was redesigned every 2-3 weeks to promote marketing efforts and reflect seasonal changes. The site header and footer were redesigned in 2014 and were updated with the seasons.

  • Role Senior Designer, Senior UI/UX Designer
  • For bambeco
  • Date 2014
  • Type homepage and user interface design
  • URL
  • Copyright bambeco
The above page header was redesigned in 2014 to the header below. The new design features a larger logo, simplified search bar, and a lighter feel that makes the site easier to navigate, draws the eye down the page, and better reflects industry standards. The footer was also updated during the user interface redesign. The new footer is more robust with information hierarchy and additional site links. A newsletter sign-up form was added along with an invitation to connect via social media. Both changes were made to the site template using ASP, HTML and CSS. The original footer is below.