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Three weeks in Central America… Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala

Visiting friends and seeing the states on the way home...
San Francisco, Baltimore, New York and New Orleans

Wrapping up a whirlwind trip with a few relaxing weeks in Honolulu... reading on the beach, sun bathing, sea kayaking to spot dolphins, hiking along the beach to hang with sea turtles, horseback riding in a pristine valley, scuba diving at a shipwreck, eating fresh fruit, listing to Hawaiian music, and visiting Pearl Harbor.

Two months in Australia... visiting old friends and making new ones; discovering beautiful beaches; exploring the street art of Melbourne and taking in a show at the Sydney Opera House; learning about the native culture and animals: crocodiles, goannas, kangaroos, koalas, and so many more; hiking, surfing, tubing, hang gliding, and falling in love with scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

One month in Southeast Asia... eating noodles, rice, and one cricket; drinking bottled water; visiting temples; riding in a hot air balloon, multiple boats, on a motorcycle, and an elephant; rice fields, sunsets, beaches, busses, bikes, trains, planes, and the Chinese New Year.